WhatsApp dark mode is launched : Steps to enable it

The new WhatsApp Dark mode is finally arrived in the forum after a long hold back. it is officially available on both platform IOS and Android. Although, it may wait to sync in your device.

A while back, users were doing so many tricks to enable WhatsApp Dark mode in their phone, but somehow it wasn’t working at all because of some bug issues. Now, from the official corner of WhatsApp this feature has finally launched globally on both platforms ‘IOS and Android. There is no such third-party app required to enable it. You just need to do some manual settings changes that is already in your phone. If your phone cares dark mode then, automatically it will allow the slant in your phone. On a global scale, WhatsApp is one of the most popular and relaxed massaging apps in the world. It allows people to interact through its helpful hand like “video and audio call”. And at the same time, Billions of people spent their utmost time on WhatsApp texting each other. the dark mode on WhatsApp gives them a fully fresh experience and low eye itching touch in the night.

Which devices supports WhatsApp dark mode?

Make sure that you are using an updated WhatsApp version if not, then update it from the Google play store or APP STORE. This feature works on Android 10 and IOS13 on your newly updated system. So, if you are using 9 or 8 version of android don’t worry, there are some method you can try out to enable dark mode on WhatsApp

Steps to enable WhatsApp dark mode in android 9 or others version.

  • After updating new WhatsApp version from app store
  • Go to setting that is on top to chat bar
  • You all see a theme option, press on it
  • choose dark option from the menu
  • now, the users have set the dark option on android 9 or lower

if this wont work on device ,please tell us In the comment below, we will try our best to reach out to fix the trouble.

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